the challenges before us

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Arizona State University is a New American University, designed to address the greatest challenges before us. They are local challenges — and they are global. They involve educational success, individual and community opportunity, the environment and our health, scientific and technological progress, social justice and human worth.

ASU teaching and research have purpose and impact, changing the way we see the world and solve complex problems. We encourage collaboration with public and private partners and empower our students to think big, dream and achieve. We pursue creative and scientific solutions, ask foundational questions, welcome risk and innovation.

Assuming a fundamental responsibility for the economic, social and cultural well-being of the community, ASU provides the knowledge, discovery and creativity to help solve the challenges we face and build a better future.

how do we educate in a rapidly changing world?

how do we focus information and technology to produce meaningful change?

how do we build strong, vibrant communities?

how do we create a sustainable way of life?

how do we promote economic opportunity and security?

how do we lead healthier, more fulfilling lives?

how do we defend and extend human rights?

how do we understand the past and present for the sake of our future?